OOPS...... I GOT PAID!!!

a real life story of surprise success











real life stories of surprise success



Danielle W.

"I just shared something I loved and then just like that, I started getting a paycheck! It’s crazy! Getting paid to share what I already love. Nuts!" ~ Danielle W. ~

Courtney R.

"I never thought I could be successful at a home based business. But when you love something so much, you can't help but share it with the world! And to be rewarded for that is just icing on the cake." ~ Courtney R. ~

Lara K.

I began using these little bottles of oily goodness, and noticed how much they were doing for me and my family. Before long, I was talking about the oils and products so much that people were saying that I should sell them. Now, I am a business owner with an amazing community, and loving the rewards like paying off debt, and buying a new home! ~ Lara K. ~

Kristi Z.

FIVE years with Young Living—from hopeless in my appearance to confident and happy in my skin; from struggling to feel value and worth to KNOWING I have great value with untold worth; from worrying over how we could pay our bills and buy poor quality food to seeing a financial freedom I never imagined possible; from not thinking I had much to say of value in the lives of others to watching thousands of lives being transformed in the same amazing ways as my own because sharing about health and wellness with the best oils and oil infused products in the world changes every life that is open to trying! ~ Kristi Z. ~

Caroline P.

When my sister started working this business, I told her that I would help her, but It it was not for me. Almost a year later, something clicked when I literally began getting a paycheck that was larger than my oil purchases...without doing the business! I took another look at the payment plan and realized that this was the best retirement plan for me and my family. This is work (not a get rich quick scam), but it is FUN work with an amazing group of people who are supportive and driven to see this team succeed."~ Caroline P. ~

Jerri Anne J.

"It was never on my radar to start an at home business. Sure, we could’ve used the extra money, but I never wanted my friends and family to feel pressure to buy things from me. But once I fell in love with this product, and couldn’t stop talking about it, they wanted to try it too. Next thing I knew; I was making a paycheck! Have not looked back since. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!"~ Jerri Anne J. ~

Shelly R.

The search for a healthier lifestyle lead me to essential oils and eventually to a successful business with Young Living. 4 years ago, I would have said.."No way, Not me!" I am blessed to be on this journey filled with education, friendships and new adventures. With YLEO the benefits to my family and friends have been invaluable. ~ Shelley R. ~